Department of Education


I am the Capital Planning lead of a small dynamic team that develops innovative IT Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) and IT Portfolio Management solutions to the Department of Education. I deliver various project management duties, including budgeting, and risk management of the Department's IT portfolio. Additionally, I create automation and analytic templates that [...]



As a Project Strategy Analyst,  I utilized various statistical modeling platforms to analyze sales and accident data, presented strategic business proposals to senior management, and researched competitors' pricing strategies. Analysis from statistical modeling helped evaluate factors that underwrites the company's auto insurance policies.

Empower Generation


I proposed several recommendations for Empower Generation to generate additional income so it can become a self-sufficient company. The company wanted to move from a grant and donation reliant business to a self-operating business. My customer referral program proposal helped a projected 300 rural families in Nepal, replacing their harmful kerosene lamps with environmentally friendly [...]